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How We Make It


  • Recorded using Skype and Audacity
  • Jason Tudor uses a Stennheiser microphone; Michael uses a Blue Microphone

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  • Edited in Audacity
  • Mixed in Acid Studio 8.0


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3 Responses to How We Make It

  1. Matt Lohr says:


    My name is Matt Lohr, and I am an award-winning screenwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. Several years ago, right after completing my graduate study in screenwriting at Chapman University, I worked with famed writer/director Dan O’’Bannon (“Alien”, “Return of the Living Dead”) on a book in which he outlined a proprietary screenplay structural method, known as “dynamic structure,”” that he had taught at Chapman, USC and other institutions.

    Dan passed away in 2009 with the manuscript then unpublished. But at the request of Dan’s wife Diane, and of Michael Wiese Productions, the publishing house behind such popular film production and screenwriting books as “Save the Cat!” and “Your Screenplay Sucks”, I have updated and completed the manuscript. This book will be released by Wiese on New Year’s Day under the title “Dan O’Bannon’s Guide to Screenplay Structure: Inside Tips from the Writer of ALIEN, TOTAL RECALL and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD”.

    I am writing today, as a fan of your site, to see if you would be interested in receiving a complimentary advance copy of the manuscript. We would be very interested in having the book reviewed on your show, and Diane and I are likewise available for interviews.

    I can be reached at the above-listed email address or on my cell phone at 412.513.9397. Thanks in advance for your potential interest, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Take care,

    Matt R. Lohr

  2. Kenneth Eng says:

    I’m a well-known sci fi novelist. My latest book was recently released:


    Would you be interested in reviewing it?

  3. Chris Berman says:

    I’m Chris Berman (not the sports guy). I am a published science fiction author with a master’s in military history. I’m with a small press, but my books have been given high marks from folks such as Ben Bova, Brad Linaweaver, and even Ed Mitchell of Apollo 14 fame. I have a new book, Ace of Aces (military science fiction) about to be released this month. Ace of Aces is scheduled to be reviewed in Locus sometime this year. I’ll also be appearing as a guest at MarsCon this month, Mysticon, along with Orson Scott Card and Stellar Con in March. Would you be interested in interviewing me? You can read the first 46 pages of Ace of Aces on my publisher’s web site at: http://www.leopublishing.net/ourbooks.htm

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