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    • 81: Star Wars & Jurassic World Trailer Talk! 29/11/2014
      Jason and Mike talk up the new Star Wars trailer AND the new Jurassic World Trailer. 
    • 80: Interstellar Science Shaming, Star Wars Rebels, The Ferret 22/11/2014
      Episode 80 is up with Michael, Josh and Jason talking about the shaming of the science of Interstellar (TLDR is no one should be shaming it), a conversation about what's great about Star Wars Rebels & why Jason may -- MAY -- be buying his daughter a ferret. Plus, since we're talking Star Wars: Rebels, the return of "S-Foils," our paro
    • 79: What Will Star Wars VII be for You? 15/11/2014
      In Episode 79, Jason asks you: What will "STar Wars VII: The Force Awakens" mean for you? Plus, Avengers AGe of Ultron, Marvel movies and other films.
    • Episode 77: Destiny Review, Agents of SHIELD 15/09/2014
      Destiny Review Agents of SHIELD iPhone 6 and Apple Watch Star Wars VII Millenium Falcon and X-Wing spotted in England Burger King's black burger  
    • Episode 76: Destiny Talk & Summer Film Wrap-Up 06/09/2014
      Intro/Quick banter 5 headlines -- Black Panther Film, new Dinosaur, more Summer movie wrap/Interstellar Rancho Obi Wan gala mention/Fappening discussion Keith segment Release of Destiny/Mike’s visit to studio Weekly Buzzkill Star Wars VII update Last banter/final words Conclusion
    • Teaser: Episode 76 05/09/2014
      A teaser for Episode 76!
    • Episode 75: GOTG, Star Wars VII, Rebels, Sin City 28/08/2014
      Open Introduce Josh/preview show/Daniel Bethel Where we've been and what were up to Sin city horrible opening Harrison Ford ice bucket challenge Guardians of the Galaxy at 255 and climbing Star Wars VI update: what we know up to now Star Wars Rebels Interview segment: Dan Bethel Close
    • Episode 73: Capt America Winter Soldier (SPOILERS) 05/04/2014
      Our hour-long look into Captain America: Winter Soldier! WARNING: BIG SPOILERS HERE. Don't want spoliers? DO NOT LISTEN! But if you'd like some new insight after having just seen the film, join us right now! We roll through story, acting, visuals, talking about a new tone set by Marvel with this film. Note: we regret that the audio track for this v
    • Episode 72: Winter Soldier, Star Wars & Almost Human 24/03/2014
      Star Wars VII, Almost Human and Walking Dead headline episode 72 of the Science Fiction Show with Jason Tudor and Michael Wistock (Keith Houin has the week off), returning after some tumultuous technical terror. Here's the line-up for the show: Open, 0:00-6:22 Almost Human, 6:22-16:17 Walking Dead, 16:17-23:31 Captain America: Winter Soldier, 24:31-34:1
    • Episode 70: Jurassic World, Robocop, Gravity & Skywalker Ranch 21/02/2014
      Episode 70 of the Science Fiction Show is alive on iTunes, YouTube and Vimeo! Here's a rundown: -- 3:29-17:00: We discuss the potential of new dino flick "Jurassic World" with senior dinosaur correspondent Austin May, exploring the "what ifs" and showing you on-location photos. -- 17:00-22:00: It's all Robocop, but be warned! @W
    • Episode 69: Oscars, 2014 Movies and Much More 03/02/2014
      It took us way too long, but we've busted into 2014 with our first venture into video. How do three friends with Skype make a podcast? Easy -- and you get to hear it. In Episode 69, we talk the 2014 movie line-up, inclduing what to look forward to this year. We look back, peeking at Oscar™ nominees in the Science Fiction genre (gravity anyone) and much
    • Episode 68: Analysis of "Desolation of Smaug" (SPOILERS) & End of Year Wrap-Up 19/12/2013
      Michael, Jason and Keith close out the year with a dissection of "The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug" (NOTE: HUGE HUGE SPOILERS here). For 45 minutes, our trio takes you from one end of this movie to the other, providing insight and offering commentary. Plus, Jason's "NO NO NO NO NO" moment is answered. Also, best/worst sci-fi films of
    • Episode 67: Xbox One vs. PS 4, Doctor Who & Hobbit 18/12/2013
      The US Defense Department's Queen of Science from its "Armed with Science" blog joins us along with video games wizard Michael Fedor to talk about Xbox One and PS4 debuts. How'd they go? Who was the winner? We follow up with a discussion about the "Day of the Doctor" in preparation for the "Time of the Doctor" and make
    • Episode 66: PS4 woes, conspiracy Star Wars casting & World Record Night 18/11/2013
      We have a deep discussion about the Playstation 4 and discuss whether or not it can overcome its foibles. We then discuss the recent round of Star Wars casting and whether or not it was just a big PR ploy. Finally, some thoughts on the Guinness World Record Night at Rancho Obi Wan and the largest Star Wars collection in the world. Great show! Lock in and lis
    • S-Foils: Star Wars-based parody of Lordes "Royals" 18/11/2013
      Science Fiction Show Co-host Jason Tudor has written and produced a parody of Lordes "Royals" with a Star Wars theme. It's called "S-Foils" and you can get it right here!

Episode 010: Final Space Shuttle Launch/Comic Con/Josh Johnson Returns

In addition to including three new entries to our online glossary, The Science Fiction Show rolls into Episode 010 on the heels of the final launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. The boys discuss the affect the shuttle program has had on their lives and where you can find the shuttle in motion pictures. Also, filmmaker Josh Johnson returns tp update us on “The Rocket” production and spend the show with us talking all sorts of things. He also talks about his coziness with former guest Eric Trautmann. Plus, Star Wars, Plant or bacteria enters its final rounds. Who wins this week? Tune in to find out!

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Michael J. Wistock bleeds all things "Star Wars." That's because this California native grew up with that, Corvettes and much more in his SciFi portfolio. Did we mention he likes Oblivion?
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